K999, for last chance dogs!

"your last call before the rescue centre"


Quotes Adam helped me with my dog to overcome some fear issues that she was having, he gave me a step by step approach to use and further instruction should we experience any blocks with her behaviour, it worked, thankyou K999, from one very happy staffie owner. Quotes

Quotes Through reading Adam's advice to others, I have gained an awful lot of insight into how a dog's mind works and what works to bring out the best in them. Quotes

Quotes Adams advice and support has been invaluable to me over the last few months I have had a few issues with my Dog which I am now working through and making lots of progress thanks to Adam. No matter what the issue he offers sound, meaningful advise and nothing is too much trouble for him. Thank you Quotes
Jo Tench
Very happy Staffie owner

Quotes Superb clear advice - I took Adams advice step by step and now have 2 very happy poochies and one happy owner too. Thanks Adam - your advice is invaluable xx Hugs from my poochies too x Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I have had occasion to be grateful to k999 for training me to be a better dog owner. His honest understanding of the dog's psyche helped not just me, but my dog, to achieve a better understanding of what was expected, there-fore a happier home. Thank You for your wise advice Quotes
Linda Burns

Quotes K999 offers a rare and refreshing approach to helping owners really learn and understand what their dogs needs are. No assumptions are made about dog or owner and help is given in an open patient and calm way. I have seen evidence of great improvement through Adam's support and advice and he instills in the owner the confidence they need to give themselves and their dogs a more balanced and calm approach to their lives together. There's no tricks, gizmo's or gadgets involved it's all done with the dogs welfare being the most important consideration supported by great advice and education for the owner Quotes
Liz W

Quotes The support received from K999 is invaluable. You never feel silly asking for advice and always get a complete and in depth answer not just a few words. Adam is calm, detailed, extremely friendly and passionate about what he does. There have been several times when we have needed K999 for various problems and we have always received a brilliant helpful response. Quotes